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In an international work context where external relationships need to be established and maintained, employees need to master not only knowledge in their specialized field, but also foreign language skills and good cross-cultural awareness.

CLIL is a multifaceted approach to language training in which the skills of communication are given a prominent role. The focus is not only on studying a foreign language, but also on acquiring, for example, specific work skills. The demands for good communication have put tremendous pressure on language trainers to apply new and more effective approaches to adult language learning.

It has been proven that the following aspects of CLIL, which have been incorporated into the Connor TEMPO™ Method, can accelerate learning and help people gain more self-confidence:

  1. Affective learning: The emotional aspect of learning is of primary importance for the motivation of adult students.
  2. Authenticity: The situations presented in CLIL teaching through role-plays are authentic. It is essential that the classroom experience is not seen as “unreal” but rather integrated into the real life experiences of participants.
  3. Autonomy: The aim of CLIL training is to make participants autonomous and independent from the trainer. As participants apply what they learn in the classroom to their daily work lives, they gain self-confidence and further improve their skills.

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