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The aim of corporate language training is to help your staff around the world communicate successfully in English.

Cross-cultural training, an essential element of Connor courses, aims to develop awareness and understanding between people where a common cultural framework does not exist. This builds trust, promotes clear lines of communication and better relationships. In so doing, a series of benefits quickly become apparent:

  • Finding common ground: In the workplace, people have a tendency to focus on differences. When communication problems arise, the natural inclination is to withdraw to opposing sides and to highlight the negative aspects of others. Cross-cultural training assists in developing a sense of mutual understanding between people of different cultures by highlighting common ground. Once spaces of mutual understanding are established, people begin to use them to overcome culturally challenging situations.
  • Improving listening and communication skills: Cross-cultural training allows people to become better listeners. It helps them understand what to listen for and how to interpret what they hear in a broader cultural framework. Improved comprehension leads to better communication skills as cross-cultural training develops an awareness and sensitivity towards the hidden factors of communication.
  • Building trust and confidence: Through cross-cultural training, people develop a more open and objective attitude towards the behaviours and beliefs of others, thus building confidence and trust, leading to mutual understanding and greater co-operation.   

By most estimates, the words we use represent only 50% of communication. To communicate successfully we also need to consider the non-verbal aspect, that is, the 50% which represents the behaviours and beliefs that distinguish people of different cultures.

In the global business world cultural differences between players often impede performance and good decision making. No corporate language course would therefore be complete without cross-cultural training, a crucial element of the TEMPO™ Method.

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