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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What distinguishes Connor from other language schools?
A: Connor offers a level of service and expertise you will have difficulty finding anywhere else. Connor’s unique TEMPO™ method combining training in the TEMPO™ Skills (Telephone, Email, Meetings and Presentations),  Key English Skills, and Cross-Cultural Skills can be delivered to any location worldwide.
Q: What are the steps to setting up a Connor language course?
A:  Setting up Connor training courses is very simple. Just provide Connor with a list of participants and we will contact them to carry out level assessments based on three elements; a written online grammar quiz, a conversation conducted over the phone to test oral skills and a detailed needs analysis. With this information in hand, Connor works with your HR department to establish the details of the training programme, dividing the students into group or individual courses, and deciding details such as days, times, number of hours, and so on, based on your company’s goals and budget. 
Q: How long does it take to set up a language course?
A:  Once the HR department provides Connor with the list of participants, we quickly proceed to carrying out level testing and needs analysis and are able to provide the assessment report within a week.
Q: If a participant leaves our company, can we use the remaining hours of training for another participant?
A: One of the great advantages of Connor training is our flexibility. We want you to gain the maximum benefit from your investment. If a participant leaves your company or is unable to complete a course, you can transfer the remaining hours to another participant. 
Q: If a participant is transferred to another city or country, can they continue their course in their new location?
A:  Connor provides a global coverage and a global solution to your language training programme. This means that if a participant is transferred to another location, they can complete their course in another city or country. Our Online Monitoring System allows your HR department to monitor Connor courses anywhere in the world for quality control, student satisfaction and performance levels.  
Q:  How many hours does a Connor course last?
A: Connor courses usually last from 40-60 hours, according to the level and needs of the participants. These hours can be used intensively in a short period of time or extensively, depending on your company’s requirements of urgency and staff organization.
Q: How many participants are in a course?
A: Connor offers one-to-one tuition or group courses with a maximum of 6 participants per course. Our assessment process ensures that the groups are homogenous in terms of language levels and performance goals.

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