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Connor has been organizing language training for the past 20 years, helping companies face the enormous communication challenges of an ever-changing business world. Just like the companies we work with, Connor needs to reflect on what these changes mean and constantly innovate and improve.

The ongoing R&D activity of Connor is our motor of change, enabling us to understand and interpret the needs of our clients.

Our exclusive TEMPO™ Method is the result of extensive research. It is based on adult language acquisition studies, classroom observation, and  CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) a training methodology adopted by the Council of Europe to overcome language barriers and promote employment within the European Union.  

Our R&D team produces a range of materials based on the TEMPO™ Method such as course books, handouts, and audio materials, and uses online resources to bring the business world into the classroom.  It works in collaboration with Teacher Trainers, who ensure that all Connor trainers use the methodology and materials properly to achieve the objectives of successful communication in a business context.

Tempo method