The Triangle of Successful Communication

TEMPO™ METHOD - The Triangle of Successful Communication

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In developing the TEMPO™ Method, Connor set itself the goal of providing an accelerated business English programme with measurable results on ROI and a positive impact on a company’s staff, image and performance.

The TEMPO™ Method balances the components of Successful Communication: TEMPO™ skills (Telephone calls, Emails, Meetings and Presentations), Key English skills and Cross-Cultural skills.

The benefits for your company and staff are many:

Accelerated learning

The TEMPO™ Method reduces the time needed to train your staff to work in English because it shifts the focus from traditional teaching methods to a practical and pragmatic approach. Connor course participants can immediately apply the skills they acquire in training to real-life situations, further accelerating the learning process.

Reduced costs

The TEMPO™ Method optimizes your resources. Traditional methods require participants to take course after course, a process which may take years. With Connor courses, your company can expect immediate results as your staff quickly improve their business communication skills.

The workplace becomes your training ground

Language training is the same as any other form of corporate training, such as team-building, leadership or sales. The real benefit of our courses derives from being able to immediately use the skills acquired in the classroom at work. The work environment thus becomes an extension of the classroom providing participants with endless opportunities to practice and perfect what they have learnt.


Participants immediately experience a difference with the TEMPO™ Method. The language skills acquired in the classroom improve job performance, adding to motivation, self-esteem and productivity.

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