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This course is designed for business executives and managers to improve their English communication skills at work in the shortest possible time. It is the pratical application of the TEMPO™ Method and the basis of our English in Action programme.


Course Content Summary

TEMPO™ Skills

  • TELEPHONE: you will be trained to overcome the difficulties of speaking and understanding English on the telephone. In this way you will  greatly improve your ability to communicate.
  • EMAILS: you will be trained to write emails and reports in a clear, concise and appropriate way.
  • MEETINGS: you will be trained to overcome two major obstacles: understanding and speaking confidently and fluently, and the shyness experienced in group situations.
  • PRESENTATIONS: you will be asked to make numerous presentations during the course to develop clarity, organization, creativity and public speaking skills.


  • COMPREHENSION: you will be trained using the shadow listening technique to improve comprehension, pronunciation and intonation.
  • SPEAKING: you will be trained to gain fluency and confidence in speaking. Conversations will be initiated on a wide range of topics, and training will be done on the skills needed in public speaking situations, such as presentations and meetings.
  • GRAMMAR: you will be trained using role-plays to link grammar to context so that you understand how grammar structures relate to real-life situations.
  • VOCABULARY: you will be trained to reinforce your vocabulary through guided discussions and conversations. You will also focus on vocabulary which can cause breakdowns in communication, such as idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs.


You will be trained to develop awareness and understanding between people where a common cultural framework does not exist. In this way you will be aided to build trust, promote clear lines of communication and develop better relationships.

Cross-cultural training will train you to:

  • Overcome culturally challenging situations by finding common ground
  • Become a better listener by understanding what to listen for and how to interpret what you hear in a broader cultural framework
  • Build trust and confidence by developing a more open and objective attitude towards the behaviours and beliefs of others.


All TEMPO™ course participants will experience a series of excellent benefits:

  • improved confidence and self-esteem when speaking English
  • pride and pleasure in achieving concrete results at work
  • motivation to apply new skills in the workplace
  • increased awareness of cultural diversity and its impact
  • awareness of the importance of non-verbal communication

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