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To work successfully in global markets it is necessary to master the tools of business communication. These tools are the same across the corporate world and Connor has defined them as the TEMPO™ skills: Telephone and conference calls, Emails and reports, Meetings and Presentations.

Telephone: Our courses prepare company staff to overcome the difficulties of speaking and understanding English on the telephone, by working through simulations and roleplays to acquire the appropriate language and gain fluency and confidence.
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Emails: Managing emails takes up a considerable amount of every employee’s working day. Connor courses train staff to respond to emails in a clear, concise and appropriate way.
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Meetings: TEMPO™ Method provides company staff with the skills to overcome two major obstacles: understanding and speaking confidently and fluently, and the shyness which many people experience when speaking English in international meetings and conference calls.
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Presentations: The key to a good presentation is clarity, organization, creativity and public speaking skills. TEMPO™ Method will help you develop these tools.
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Optimization: The TEMPO™ Method optimizes time, costs and results.
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